What did you do to your computer recently?

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Re: What did you do to your computer recently?

Post by CrownBen » September 11th, 2019, 11:35 am

Welcome to the new business model! Everything is a subscription, and notice how it tries to push you to "the cloud" for everything? :chainsaw:

If you don't have install disks for your old Word, download LibreOffice.
You can download SMPlayer for audio/video files. It's basically a Windows port of Linux's venerable MPlayer, which plays dang near every format ever invented. Media player/Groove has never been started on my Win10 machine, and never will (therefore, I've never had to accept the "usage agreement").

Did you plug the scanner in via USB? I'd kinda expect it to "just work" and show up as a generic scanner. Parallel is basically guaranteed not to work.
The printer driver thing sounds like a scam. They either exist, or they don't. That looks to be a fairly recent printer. HP seems to think the drivers are included in Windows.

I've made the start menu much more useful by removing practically all the stuff they put in there by default (right click on the unwanted "tile", Unpin from Start) and putting stuff I actually use in there instead. (find it on the left side, right click, "Pin to Start")

There are ways to render Cortana inoperative, if not shut it down completely. Same for a lot of other "features", unfortunately it takes time going through practically every item in Settings, and enduring some "dire warnings" when you turn them off.
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Re: What did you do to your computer recently?

Post by Mperson » September 14th, 2019, 9:03 am

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