New Ford Pickup Truck

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New Ford Pickup Truck

Post by Ponyguy » July 18th, 2019, 3:01 am

How have we gotten along without this... until now?

The world is getting a pickup-truck emoji!

Video in this link: ... submission
The Atlantic wrote:It’s a solid, sturdy-looking thing. Painted a handsome navy blue, your truck has just enough rear space to haul something rugged and earthy-smelling—like a Christmas tree or a nice pile of mulch—and a front cab just big enough for you and your golden retriever. You sit there and drive, and Ezekiel hangs his head out the window (Ezekiel is your dog), and the mulch steams in the golden-hour light, and you drive somewhere pretty, like Acadia National Park or the Louvre. Then you get out and look around and sniff deeply of your mulch.

Normally, an experience like that might cost you tens of thousands of dollars. But soon it will be free, provided you are content to drive the information superhighway. Next year, at long last, the most popular type of vehicle in the United States will come to smartphones everywhere.

The world is getting a pickup-truck emoji.

Ford Motor Company sponsored the emoji’s design and proposal, and finds the occasion worth celebrating. The pickup truck has long been the “the most overlooked missing emoji,” Matt VanDyke, Ford’s director of marketing, told me this week. And the lack of a pickup emoji has been “a personal point of anger” for the company’s truck team for years, he said. “We can’t believe there’s scooter emojis when there’s not pickup-truck emojis.”

Now Ford is celebrating the debut with an online video narrated by Bryan Cranston and a campaign that cost the automaker upward of $50,000. And while that may be a drop in the bucket for a company the size of Ford—it spends more than $2.5 billion annually on advertising—the amount reveals how emoji have become a ubiquitous marketing tool. Your smartphone’s keyboard is yet another digital platform where brands, businesses, and product segments must compete for attention.

The new emoji, or at least its reference image, is clearly a Ford. It looks to be about the size of a midsize Ford Ranger, but its headlights lean forward like an old F-150. “We kind of tried to make it look like it could be both,” VanDyke said. It also has only one row of seats, even though most new pickups sold today are de facto minivans and have two. “Even most of our pickups are sold as double-cab pickups, but the traditional iconography of pickups is single cab. So we tried to stay true to that,” he said.

Though the pickup-truck proposal was provisionally approved in May, Ford did not publicize its rollout until today, July 17th, which happens to be World Emoji Day, a very silly five-year-old holiday observed mostly by corporations. The announcement will sate fans such as the actor Dwayne Johnson. The granitic pro wrestler and former Ford pitchman has tweeted half a dozen times about his desire for a pickup emoji. But it also raises questions about who can influence emoji, a set of pictograms used by billions of people around the world everyday. ... 20/594172/

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