Bullitt goes for $3.4 or $3.7 Million...

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Bullitt goes for $3.4 or $3.7 Million...

Post by Ponyguy » January 13th, 2020, 3:31 am

I just read that the original Bullitt Mustang movies car was sold at Mecum's Auction for a whopping $3.4 million... or $3.7 million, depending upon which story you read.

I hope whoever bought it plans to put it on display somewhere for the rest of us in the the Gear-Head world to look at and admire... Hopefully in a glass cage to keep grabby gawkers at bay.

The car itself is really nothing to look at, though... it wears a patina of half a century, along with a few places on the edge of the hood where the paint has worn through, and a little rust has begun. Its value is in its history.
Regarding Bullitt history, didn't a second copy of the movie's Bullitt Mustang show up somewhere in Mexico in a junk yard a while back? I think I read that Kevin Marti authenticated it as another one that was used as a "stunt car" in the production of the film,it got batted around and beat up a little.

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